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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Board Game Box Ship Interior

Captain's Blog Stardate 201306.19

My gaming buddy made this out of a board game box.  The walls are made from foam board and he found the tiles on the internet.  As you can see it is not quite finished.  The walls need to be added to the top side of the box.  We are planning on looking for some Trek style tiles for a Trek version in the future.  This box is a little too tall.  I am thinking a Risk size box because of the height for the next version. 

We have been discussing the possibility of making the floor out of an actual board game's board that would fit in the box and would have pre-cut slots to put walls in.  The walls would be precut from another board and the interior of the box walls would have printed tiles as well.  In other words, open the box up and you would have an instant ship (dungeon/apartment building, etc.) interior already set up.

These are some pictures I took recently.


  1. Great project! Nice to see my tiles in use.

    1. Thanks Spacejacker! The tiles are quite nice and thanks for sharing them. I know you have been out for a while, what is your next project?

    2. MDF city board by madmechaguy is almost ready to photograph, just haven't had much hobby time lately!

  2. Awesome idea, and well executed.

  3. Super nice work. It should be a blast to wage war in!

  4. Thanks guys! I have been enjoying reading your blogs as well lately. Can't beat your 15mm 40K stuff Dan and Jay I love your story lines and prictures as well.