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Saturday, June 30, 2012

15mm Andorians

Captain's Blog Stardate 201207.01

I have been wanting to make an Andorian force since I first saw Blue Moon's Betelguesans . I did some Betelguesan head swaps with Khurasan's Sci-fi Police to make my Andorians.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

15mm Borg and Vehicles Completed

Captain's Blog Stardate 201206.27

I finially finished painting up the rest of my Borg. I had purchased some cyborgs from and some zomborgs from Kremlin Miniatures has five variants and Kremlin Miniatures has four variants.

The first two pictures are the borg from Kremlin Miniatures:

These are from

Borg Horde:

I also finially finished painting up some vechicles I purchased from Ground Zero Games and I had a couple done already, but I wanted to finish the rest and paint up a few passengers as well. Two of the passengers are from Ground Zero Games with head swaps. One of the passengers is from a set of model railroad figures.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

La Cirtcele Earth Colony

Captain's Blog Stardate 201206.20

Starfleet has ordered the Enterprise to Earth Colony La Cirtcele located on the Klingon border. There have been reports of Klingons in the system, and Kirk and crew have been ordered to investigate.

Kirk and Crew

Madam Abrielle, elected ruler of the colony, and her guard.

Captain Kraus and his landing party.

La Cirtcele Earth Colony:

We are planning on playing a game of Chain Reaction 3.0 from Two Hour Wargames tonight with the new landscape.

I picked these up recently for $5.00. I am planning on ordering some Imperial Martians and Askari Martians from Black Hat Miniatures . The plan is to have city natives and hill dwellers in a conflict that the Federation and the Klingons become involved in.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My First Convention as a Dealer

Captain's Blog Stardate 201206.10

I went to Bayou Wars XX this weekend and set up as a dealer:

Set up for Chain Reaction 3.0 set to a Trek Universe:

We also played Colonial Battlefleet Man vs Machine:

BSG using Firestorm Armada rules:

Various other games being played:

While at the convention I got to meet Ed from Two Hour Wargames as well as John from Corsec Engineering. Both great guys to talk to.