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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Klingon/Romulan Shuttle Update/Trek Ships/Props

Captain's Blog Stardate 201304.21
I didn't like how things were looking on my shuttle projects so I had these made for me by my 3D guy. This is a link to the original post:

This is a picture of some of my upcoming projects.  I had my TOS and TMP Dragohawks sized up to 1/2500 scale.  I also had the feather detail changed on the TMP version.   As you can see I have a couple of K'tingas.  The very top version is one of the new 2500s and the botom two are from Justicar.   I am currently looking for another 2500 Justicar K'tinga, because the one I have is a miscast.  If anyone can help...

This is a picture of my current project for AllScaleTrek

This a picture of my newly acquired Trek Props.  I am looking for a TOS Klingon Communicator as well.  I am planning on modifying the Romulan Disruptor to look more TOS to match my miniature versions.