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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Battle for Retsae II

Captain's Blog Stardate 201203.15

Got in a game of Away Team in the other night. We played a three way free for all, so I didn't take notes of the game(too much going on), but I did take some pictures.

Retsae II Dilithium Mining Facility

Federation Away Team

Romulan Landing Party

Klingon Landing Party

The Klingon Landing Party moves into position behind a holding tank.

The Federation Away Team maneuvers between two buildings.

The Romulan Landing Party makes a dash for cover.

The Federation Away Team splits into two teams.

Klingon Captain vs Andorian red shirt.

Last man standing.

Carnage among the pipes.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New USS Enterprise and Klingon Battle Cruiser

Captain's Blog Stardate 201203.04

I bought Star Trek Expeditions for the ships the other day.

I kept the original mounting hole for both ships, but for the USS Enterprise it left the ship unbalanced. I had to use a weight in the stand to balance it.

The Enterprise needs a repaint.

Furuta Enterprise and Justicar D-7 on the outsides.

Romulan Dragohawk TMP style in the center (my own design)

ADB plastic Constitution, New Enterprise, Furuta Enterprise

Justicar D-7, New Klingon Battle Cruiser, Ghostrunner D-7, Gamescience K-Type

Dragohawk TOS style (my own design)

Background test picrues:
Blue Sky

Blue Sky

Orange sky

On a side note, I recently purchased a game called Star Explorer. The game is based on the Star Trek theme and can be played solo. I haven't had a chance to read the rules yet, but it looks fun.