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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Battle for Retsae II

Captain's Blog Stardate 201203.15

Got in a game of Away Team in the other night. We played a three way free for all, so I didn't take notes of the game(too much going on), but I did take some pictures.

Retsae II Dilithium Mining Facility

Federation Away Team

Romulan Landing Party

Klingon Landing Party

The Klingon Landing Party moves into position behind a holding tank.

The Federation Away Team maneuvers between two buildings.

The Romulan Landing Party makes a dash for cover.

The Federation Away Team splits into two teams.

Klingon Captain vs Andorian red shirt.

Last man standing.

Carnage among the pipes.


  1. Thanks, Capt., for the action shots, enjoyed them. Love your Dilithium facility. While perusing the pictures, I thought that maybe the flora , or the rocks with the "goop" on them might join in on the fray!

  2. Really great stuff you've got going on here.

  3. Thanks guys. Jay, we were talking about making some of the plants more interactive.

  4. Nice! Definitely has the "TOS" look even for the scenery. :)

  5. I tried the link to Away Team and it didn't work. Any suggestions?


    1. Hey ajbartman,
      I was having problems until a couple of minutes ago as well, so I e-mailed you everything.

  6. Did you scratch build the aliens?

    1. Hey Donnie,

      Yes I used the Astro Crew and converted them using green stuff. I also swaped out the heads.

      I should have some coming out in a couple of months hopefully, I am waiting on a lizard man to be finished before sending everything off to the csasting house.

      Sorry for being a couple of months late in responding, but I just read your question today.