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Saturday, April 7, 2012

15mm Borg Ship

Captain's Blog Stardate 201204.08

My wife was kind enough to give me some time off today while she took care of our sons. As a result, I was able to put together a new gamming board. I still need to paint it up.
I am planning on playing a TOS Borg/Zombie game in the future, so I ordered some Zomborgs from Kremlin Miniatures and some Cyborg Enslavers from to use as Borg.


  1. cool gaming table, that is a good idea about the borg, since they have assimelated thousands of races over their long history.

  2. oooh classic trek and borgs.
    Kirk FTW!

  3. Very nice scratch-game-board, Capt. I think I've ID all of the "stuff' used to construct the corridors and rooms. Great use of "what's-available-around-the house" for construction. After some combat, I'll be looking for phaser dings and burns on the walls!