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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Catalog of my 15mm miniatures

Captain's Blog Stardate 201302.27

I decided to Catalog my 15mm miniatures:
Space Cow Smith sculpted this for me, I just have not had it cast up yet.
The following are from Khurasan Miniatures:
Vacation Aliens on vacation: 
Converted Federal soldiers to look Soviet: 


The following miniatures are from Rebel Minis:
My Sybots with some of Rebel's Wild and Tom Cats.  
Earth Force Home Guard for Colonial Troopers: 
 15mm Civilian Rides:
15mm Civilians: 

My civilians are a mix of Blue Moon Indians, GZG civilians, 15mm co miniatures, Peter Pig dancers, and RAFM civilians. 
Astro Miniatures Astro Crew: 
Buck Rogers Look:
Trek Look:


Trek Style Natives:  Black Hat Martians with beam weapon conversions

Andorians: Khurasan Miniatures with Blue Moon'a Betelguesan heads:

Rubber Suit Aliens Khurasan Miniatures (two on left) and a Salt Vampire I converted:



This is a picture of the first 15mm figure I converted from one of Rebel Minis Modern US Policemen.

I would like to thank Mike (Rebel) and David (Splitered Light) whom I both met at Origins in 2009? I was participating in a Fed Com tournament and ran across their booth and became hooked on 15mm ever since. 
 I would also like to thank Jon (Khurasan) for getting me started in producing 15mm figures through our discussions of a Trek style crew.

Catalog of My 15mm Tables

Captain's Blog Stardate 201302.27
I decided to Catalog my gaming tables:
This is my SFB/FED Com board.   It is tournament size.
The following are pictures of my Game Craft Miniatures buildings 

 First floor.
Second floor. 
My mining facility. The domes were made using large Easter eggs and the pipes were from a bug habitat.
My electrical box city.

My Borg board made from a pizza box.  
My jungle board with pyramid. The trees are made from drinking straws with aquarium
plants glued on the tops. 
My forest. This one is a small board. 
My river with wooden bridge.  
I could not fix the orientation of the picture on this one, but this is part of my desert board.

My fountain.
Made from this and paint. 
  My Guardian of Forever.