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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Catalog of my 15mm miniatures

Captain's Blog Stardate 201302.27

I decided to Catalog my 15mm miniatures:
Space Cow Smith sculpted this for me, I just have not had it cast up yet.
The following are from Khurasan Miniatures:
Vacation Aliens on vacation: 
Converted Federal soldiers to look Soviet: 


The following miniatures are from Rebel Minis:
My Sybots with some of Rebel's Wild and Tom Cats.  
Earth Force Home Guard for Colonial Troopers: 
 15mm Civilian Rides:
15mm Civilians: 

My civilians are a mix of Blue Moon Indians, GZG civilians, 15mm co miniatures, Peter Pig dancers, and RAFM civilians. 
Astro Miniatures Astro Crew: 
Buck Rogers Look:
Trek Look:


Trek Style Natives:  Black Hat Martians with beam weapon conversions

Andorians: Khurasan Miniatures with Blue Moon'a Betelguesan heads:

Rubber Suit Aliens Khurasan Miniatures (two on left) and a Salt Vampire I converted:



This is a picture of the first 15mm figure I converted from one of Rebel Minis Modern US Policemen.

I would like to thank Mike (Rebel) and David (Splitered Light) whom I both met at Origins in 2009? I was participating in a Fed Com tournament and ran across their booth and became hooked on 15mm ever since. 
 I would also like to thank Jon (Khurasan) for getting me started in producing 15mm figures through our discussions of a Trek style crew.


  1. some great figures with paint work to match
    Peace James

  2. Wow, what a gallery. Very nice miniatures. But for me your conquerors are the best :-). Altough I'm a Borg fan.

  3. Thanks Guys!

    Wouter-if you plan to buy some Borg from Kremlin or 15mmcouk you can't go wrong.

  4. What PeterPig range did u use for the O*^%$ Slave Girls. They Look Great!! Also have U tried make some Romulans with the Skull Caps?