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Friday, May 18, 2012

Game Aids and 15mm Plants

Captain's Blog Stardate 201205.18

I made some playing aids this week from wooden dowels and chips. The dowels are 12” long and are marked off at 8” and 12”. I painted them in Trek colors if you haven’t noticed and they are going to be used as measuring sticks. The chips were made for PEF markers.

My wife got me these and they are appropriately called green fuzz balls. I have no clue as to where she got them.
These were made from funny shaped pipe cleaners that I got at Hobby Lobby.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Incident at Lushacon III

Captain's Blog Stardate 201205.02

Here are some pictures of a three way cooperative 5150 game we got in.

The action took place on Lushacon III, a planet located on the United Federation of Planets / Klingon Empire border.

Strider's Team: Rep 5/Rep4/Rep4

Wedge's Team: Rep 5/Rep4/Rep3

My Team: All Rep 3

PEF #1: 2 Klingons Rep 2

Wedge's Rep 5 joined in the melee
PEF #2: 3 Klingons Rep 3

PEF #3: 9 Klingons Rep 4

End Results: Strider lost all of his team, I lost one member with the other two running off of the board, and Wedge lost one team member with two surviving.
The Klingons lost a total of 14 Landing Party members.
This is the first game of 5150 Battle Group Acadiana has played, but my second game. The first time I played was over a year ago and it was an AVP game with three inexperienced players (brother and nephew). Strider, who is a new addition to my gaming group, plays the THW games on a reagular basis, so it was really nice having someone help show the ropes.
Sorry for the lack of details on the game. I was trying to learn the rules, so next time I will have more to write down.
On a side note I am trying to make plans to attend Bayou Wars XX in Kenner LA this June and hopefully run a couple of games of either 5150 or Away Team. Strider is planning on running a THW World War II game and Wedge wants to play a game of Colonial Battlefleet.