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Sunday, February 26, 2012

15mm Alien Plant Life

Captain's Blog Stardate 201202.26

I went to Hobby Lobby with my wife yesterday and she picked out some plants for my board.

I decided to paint the bases black, that way I can use the plants on my green and tan boards as well. I may find something to glue around the bases to hide it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Retsae II Dilithium Mining Facility

Captain's Blog Stardate 201202.22

I am getting scenery ready for our next encounter in a couple of weeks.

On a side note, my gaming group Battle Group Acadiana consisted of me and two friends Hod'Kel and Wedge. I met both of them by going through a SFB player list and calling them up for a game about 5-6 years ago (Thanks SVC). Hod'Kel has since had to give up gaming with us because of family reasons. This has left us a little short sometimes.

Well this past weekend I was on the THW Yahoo group board looking through the player list and found another person who lives in Acadiana. I e-mailed Stryder over the weekend and he is planning on meeting with our group in a couple of weeks to roll some dice:) I always enjoy making new friends. Thanks Ed.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

15mm Water Fountain

Captain's Blog Stardate 201202.19

I made a 15mm water fountain using a Pringles can lid and a bubble gum machine candy container. I used Gorilla Glue to glue the bubble gum candy container because the Pringles lid is flexible and I am not sure if superglue would hold. After priming and painting, I poured some triple thick gloss on top of the fountain to give it a water shine.
(NOTE: I actually used a smaller candy container than the one in the picture)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Encounter at Cerberus V

Captain's Blog Stardate 201202.15

I got a chance to play Away Team with my gaming buddy. This is a game Fenway5 modified for Astro Miniatures. The rules are free, simple, fast, and a blast!

I played the Klingons and my friend played the Federation. We each had 6 Away Team members per side. Also, both sides started with two members having rifliles and one having a medical kit and one having a tricorder.

A Federation Away Team and a Klingon Landing Party clash deep within the Triangle on a colony planet known as Cerberus V.

Turn 3: After 3 turns of movement, the Klingons began to maneuver around a central building.

While the Feds began to take positions around another central building

Turn 4: Phaser and Disruptor shots are exchanged across the central courtyard resulting in one Fed down and two Klingons down. All 3 figures failed their save and were considered injured

Turn 5: The Feds take up positions around a ground vehicle, while the Klingon medic makes a successful attempt at healing one of his down crewman using his Med Kit. The Federation doctor was too far away from the injured Federation Security Officer in order to attempt to heal him. There was no successful attacks during this turn.

Turn 6: The Klingons take up position around the ground vehicle as well in order to benefit from the cover bonus. Both sides exchange fire and both sides have one man injured in the exchange.

Turn 7: Everyone misses in the mayhem around the vehicle. The Federation doctor is successful in healing one of the down Federation team members, whereas the Klingon doctor is a failure in his attempt.

Turn 8: The Feds go hand to hand with the Klingons. In the ensuing melee both sides are equally matched resulting in a standstill for the turn.

Turn 9: The Klingon Captain joins the fray.

And is knocked out by the Federation Captain with one hit. At this point as the Klingon player, I was feeling a little embarressed for my side's results, but both of my soldiers survived this turn's melee.

Turn 10: One of the Klingon soldiers is finally knocked out, leaving the Klingons with just two standing members of their original landing party.

Turn 11: One of the remaining Klingon soldiers (the one with the rifle) is knocked out, leaving the Klingon forces with one remaining brave soldier. The Feds were fortunate not to lose an away team member this round as well. The Klingon soldier next to the vehicle survived a double assault.

Turn 12: All is lost in the Klingon Empire's attempt to capture Cerberus V. The final Klingon soldier is taken down by the remaining 4 Federation away team members.

Overall, the game was a blast to play. It was a simple shooter game, but there was a level of cinematic excitement because of the sides involved. Total play time was about an hour and a half, which included picking forces. This was our first time playing and the game went really smooth. I am pleased with the results and hope others will enjoy using these rules for their own settings/games. Finally, please forgive me for the lack of details in the write up, we were having too much fun to keep accurate records :)

This is a picture of a dice holding hex base my gaming buddy has been working on for fighters.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

15mm Red Shirt Andorian and Wizard

Captain's Blog Stardate 201202.12

I converted this for a frined of mine. We have been playing Blaster and Bulkheads with the Astro Crew minis. I am the Klingons and he is the Federation. This week, we are planning on using my new set of rules Away Team.

This is a Wizard I finished up for my 15mm fantasy warband. Progres has been slow on this front.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Away Team Skirmish Rules

Captain's Blog Stardate 201202.09

My friend Fenway5 was kind enough to modify his skirmish rules to my little universe:
Away Team Rules

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

15mm Treeman and Dragon

Captain's Blog Stardate 201202.06

I redid the shading and helmet of my Norman.

This is an old GW Bloodbowl Treeman. I am going to rebase him onto a circular base

This is a GW Dragon that I got from one of their boxed RPGish games. I don't remember the name of the game.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

15mm Fantasy

Captain's Blog Stardate 201202.06

Okay, a friend and I are planning on playing some 15mm fantasy skirmish using a fenway5's rule set at.

I purchased some Orcs from Splintered Light

and some Normans from Old Glory

I am leaving the bases black because we intend on playing on different surfaces (forest, dungeon, desert).

I painted the Norman's clothing and equipment white to represent this image

but I need to darken his armor up and the border around his face