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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

15mm Fantasy

Captain's Blog Stardate 201202.06

Okay, a friend and I are planning on playing some 15mm fantasy skirmish using a fenway5's rule set at.

I purchased some Orcs from Splintered Light

and some Normans from Old Glory

I am leaving the bases black because we intend on playing on different surfaces (forest, dungeon, desert).

I painted the Norman's clothing and equipment white to represent this image

but I need to darken his armor up and the border around his face


  1. Hi Matt, good test figs, I've also started messing around with 15mm Fantasy, its fun stuff.

  2. Very nice, Good choice of minis.

  3. Matt-let me know how your battles go! Love the minis!

  4. Ditto the SLM Orcs. Looking forward to some nose-to-nose battles.