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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Princess Dnal and her Guard

Captain's Blog Stardate 201302.24

Captain Kirk and crew encounter hostilities while on a diplomatic contact mission to meet the Princess Dnal.



Princess Dnal's Guards are Black Hat Imperial Martians with swords that I cut the swords off and repositioned the arms and glued lasers to them. These miniatures were brittle so I had to be careful. A couple of arms snapped off, so I reattached them with super glue


  1. Very nice and very much in keeping with the aesthetic of the old show.

  2. Nice conversions and paint, Capt. Where did you get the hand weapons. It would be nice to have some extras for props, etc.

  3. Thanks Jay, The hand weapons were cut off the Astro Crew for conversions and saved for later use. I do offer a laser pistol sprue if you are interested. Just goto my Astrominiatures Blog and look under the tag Bits.