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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Klingon/Romulan Shuttle Update/Trek Ships/Props

Captain's Blog Stardate 201304.21
I didn't like how things were looking on my shuttle projects so I had these made for me by my 3D guy. This is a link to the original post:

This is a picture of some of my upcoming projects.  I had my TOS and TMP Dragohawks sized up to 1/2500 scale.  I also had the feather detail changed on the TMP version.   As you can see I have a couple of K'tingas.  The very top version is one of the new 2500s and the botom two are from Justicar.   I am currently looking for another 2500 Justicar K'tinga, because the one I have is a miscast.  If anyone can help...

This is a picture of my current project for AllScaleTrek

This a picture of my newly acquired Trek Props.  I am looking for a TOS Klingon Communicator as well.  I am planning on modifying the Romulan Disruptor to look more TOS to match my miniature versions.


  1. What's the chance of those shuttle parts making their way on to you shape way shop

    1. Hey Chris e-mail me at astrominatures at hotmail dot com.

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