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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Station El-gnairt

Captain's Blog Stardate 201305.18
Station El-gnairt located in the Triangle between Federation, Klingon, and Romulan space.
I recently purchased a Hannah Montana Mall Madness off of ebay to use as a spacestation.  I still need to add some more detail, but it is now in playable condition.

These pictures are from a Chain Reaction game a buddy and I played recently.  The game took place aboard an abandoned Borg Cube that was infected with something.



  1. That station looks amazing. I suppose you are going to add some detail and paint it. But the possibilities seem endless. Great find and job already.

    1. Thanks WW! I am not sure what kind of detail I want to add. I am thinknig of some signs for different store fronts and I also need some little things in the open areas to break it up a little.

  2. very nice eye for cross-over scenery, capt. I'd imagine you'll have many hours of fun fighting it out in this far away place.