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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Captain's Blog Stardate 201208.08

I had ordered Rebel Mini's Manths before going on vacation for a week. I finished them up last night. I altered some of them to have different poses. I gave some of them more pistol weapons, a couple with tricorders, and a couple more with nothing in their hands.

I am still working on my shuttles, I just took a break to paint something up real quick and because I could not resist these minis.


  1. Excellent. Interestingly enough, they fit in nicely with the overall Star Trek vibe.. In 1960s effects standards, those arm guns could easily have been made with cardboard gift wrapping tubes, painted silver and with costume jewels and lights attached.


  2. Nice mixture of Manth figures for terrifying the locals.

  3. Great looking minis! Coloration is reminiscent ST:TAS Edoan helmsman, Lieutenant Arex. Too bad they aren't tridactyl and tripedal. Cool, none the less.

  4. Thanks guys.

    Maj.-You could easily cut one of the arms and legs off of one of the minis and add it to another to create Lt Arex.

  5. Great job. I especially like the bridge (handmade?).

    1. Thanks. Yes the bridge is homemade from toothpicks.