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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

15mm Borg and Vehicles Completed

Captain's Blog Stardate 201206.27

I finially finished painting up the rest of my Borg. I had purchased some cyborgs from and some zomborgs from Kremlin Miniatures has five variants and Kremlin Miniatures has four variants.

The first two pictures are the borg from Kremlin Miniatures:

These are from

Borg Horde:

I also finially finished painting up some vechicles I purchased from Ground Zero Games and I had a couple done already, but I wanted to finish the rest and paint up a few passengers as well. Two of the passengers are from Ground Zero Games with head swaps. One of the passengers is from a set of model railroad figures.


  1. Love your stuff, Capt. The ship interior is great! Figures and scifi vehicles rock!

  2. Nice!

    I'd love to have a bustling little scifi burg set up.