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Saturday, June 30, 2012

15mm Andorians

Captain's Blog Stardate 201207.01

I have been wanting to make an Andorian force since I first saw Blue Moon's Betelguesans . I did some Betelguesan head swaps with Khurasan's Sci-fi Police to make my Andorians.


  1. Great conversions!...the swaps work!! Plus, I love the flora.

  2. Great idea to repurpose the Khurasan police for classic ST types. I'd never have thought to sdo so.


  3. Those are great Andorians! The few chances I get to play ST, I always play an Andorian, usually in communications, sometimes in security.

    And really sweet TOS look as well. :)

  4. Nice conversion! They fit in perfectly with the rest of your TOS themed models

    Great job