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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Retsae II Dilithium Mining Facility

Captain's Blog Stardate 201202.22

I am getting scenery ready for our next encounter in a couple of weeks.

On a side note, my gaming group Battle Group Acadiana consisted of me and two friends Hod'Kel and Wedge. I met both of them by going through a SFB player list and calling them up for a game about 5-6 years ago (Thanks SVC). Hod'Kel has since had to give up gaming with us because of family reasons. This has left us a little short sometimes.

Well this past weekend I was on the THW Yahoo group board looking through the player list and found another person who lives in Acadiana. I e-mailed Stryder over the weekend and he is planning on meeting with our group in a couple of weeks to roll some dice:) I always enjoy making new friends. Thanks Ed.


  1. Very nice, now get those miners back to work, that Dilithium ain't going to mine its self, might have to call the troops in to squash this rebellious attitude.

  2. Wow! Capt., did you make the structures? If so, WOW!!!

  3. Hey Jay, They are giant Easter eggs. The pipes are from a bug farm that I painted up, the doors are 28mm bases and the windowss are made from plastic cross stich canvas bits.

    1. You've got "scratch builder" in your blood and written all over your face! Very clever and utilitarian, Capt.