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Friday, March 22, 2013

15mm Starfleet Uniforms

Captain's Blog Stardate 201303.22
I decided to paint up a few Astro Crew figures in different Starfleet uniforms due to a conversation on TMP
These are the tools I used to convert these minis from the Astro Crew.  The scissors were used to cut a small strip from the fingernail file.

These are the paints I used.  As you can see they are craft paints.  I used a watered down wash of GW's Devlan Mud on the tan sections of each mini to give it more definition.

To convert the TWOK figure, I sanded down the V neck on the original figure. I left the bottom of the shirt to leave a guide for the belt. I painted the bottom part of the shirt gloss black and painted a red section under the shirt to give the apperance of a longer tunic.

To convert the TNG figure, I sanded down the V neck to blend in with the shirt and the bottom part of the shirt to blend in with the pants.

To convert the DS9 figure, I sanded down the V neck to blend in with the shirt and the bottom part of the shirt to blend in with the pants.  For the phaser, I used the fingernail clippers to cut the pistol down and then sanded it down to the appropirate shape.

Here are some comparison pics of other minis that I decided to show due to this thread on TMP.

These are Battlestations figures.  They are a little on the pricey side, but that is because they are character figures.  The only problem I have with them is the base size (too big in my opinion).  The third mini from the left is an Astro Explorer.

Rebel Mini Titan, Blue Moon Betelguesans, Astro Explorer, Blue Moon Aquan, Rebel Mini E F Magistrates

Betelguesan, EF Magistrate, Explorer, Aquan


  1. great job on converting astro crew to tmp, tng and ds9. great job on the guardain, did you made it or bought it. i have a couple packs of betlegusans, which i am going to use as andorians, i plan on buying another pack or two and use them as axer, white are abino andrions with white skin, and are telepath.

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  3. Thanks guys!!

    Bluebirds40 - I made the Guardian using foam. The bricks and column are what really completes it.