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Friday, February 1, 2013

Inexpensive Miniature Case II

Captain's Blog Stardate 201302.01

I finished this up this week:


I made a template in the shape of the interior of the case first and then used the template to cut out the foam. I used 1" foam for the part of the case that the miniatures are slid into and 1/2" foam for the lid. The cut doesn't have to be perfect because the foam will take the shape of the interior of the case. I then sprayed the foam and case with Rust-oleum Painter's Touch flat black paint.  When it dried, I hot glued the foam into the case. I then cut one of the free paint stirrers I picked up at the hardware store to fit the inside of the case to use as a guide for the slits I made to hold the miniatures.  This is what the case looked like in my last post.
Here are a couple of miniatures of my Black Hat Martians for my Private Little War Project:

Here are some pictues of my 1/1000 scale TOS Dragohawk project to go along with my Polar Lights Enterprise and D-7: