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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

15 mm Buildings and Orions

Captain's Blog Stardate 201201.03

I recently got some 15mm buildings from GameCraft Miniatures. I converted the buildings to have removable roofs using toothpicks as suport beams.

The buildings with the white floors are three stories tall, and I made the extra floors using balsa wood.

These are the buildings completed.

These are some Orion Dancers and an Orion Businessman. The Orion Dancers were made from PeterPig Dancers and the Orion Businessman is a Blue Moon Western figure with a head swap.

Kirk and Crew were sent to find Ambassador S'Blauhaut who is busy negotiating with the local Orions and protect him from the Klingons and the Romulans.

It seems as though Ambassador S'Blauhaut has been located at the local Orion bar.

Kirk and Crew must quickly get to the Ambassador.

Thankfully the Klingons misunderstood that the Ambassador was at O'Riley's Bar.

And the Romulans recieved information that Ambassador S'Blauhaut was at the Star Resort.


  1. Very nice, Matt. I definitely need to grab a few Gamecraft buildings and steal your toothpick idea.


  2. I forgot to mention that I sealed up the slots for the roofs and the seams of the buildings with wood putty.

  3. Those Orion figures are great - what range/pack are the Peter Pig dancers from?

  4. Nice job on this. I'm going to steal that toothpick idea, too. Did you paint the buildings with textured paint?

  5. There is a battle just lurking somewhere just down the corridor of can almost smell the "scorched air" lingering heavily in, and amongst, the buildings of Orion. Great modeling, Sir.

  6. Thanks guys! Luckyjoe, I also forgot to mention that I used a textured spray paint.